Canadian colleges and universities will play a unique and critical role in the migration to Canada’s next economy as they develop a new generation of students who will lead, manage and influence Canadian society in all sectors.  It was with this core belief that Sheridan initiated its strategic sustainability initiative.  On behalf of The Natural Step Canada, Pong co-led a strategic external and internal review of Sheridan College’s sustainability performance in the areas of academics, operations and governance. This resulted in establishing key strategic focus areas that would act as the platform for Sheridan’s sustainability strategy.  Since this initial engagement, Sheridan has established an Office of Sustainability and launched one of the largest energy programs for educational institutions in Canada.

“Setting a strong and credible foundation for sustainability at Sheridan was imperative to the long-term success of the project.  Pong Leung helped frame the critical factors necessary to moving forward in a large institution, taking great care to understand stakeholder needs and how to engage them in the process.  Workshops and strategy came together to produce an exceptional final product that we will be proud of for years to come”.
Elaine Hanson, Director, Office for Sustainability, Sheridan College