The project “Metropolitan Governance in Mexico: Learning from Canadian and Brazilian experiences” is carried out in collaboration with Sustainable Cities International, Simon Fraser University, the Centro Mario Molina in Mexico, and the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and is funded by the Canadian International Development Research Center (IDRC). The main objective is to identify key characteristics of a framework for effective collaborative governance in metropolitan areas, learning from international experiences from Canada and Brazil and using the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (GMA) and the Colima Metropolitan Area (CMA) as case studies.

The activities include undertaking a literature review, carrying out a series of interviews in Colima and Guadalajara, hosting a workshop in Mexico, publish two research papers and develop an educational tool to promote awareness around metropolitan governance and urban sustainability.

” Travesia Partners managed this project with professionalism, efficiency, and in a collaborative manner that allowed all stakeholders and team members to share their skills and knowledge effectively. I was impressed with Edna´s ability to manage diverse interests and personalities across international borders and in three languages in order to produce excellent resources for Mexican municipalities looking to improve governance across city borders and increase their financial, social, and environmental sustainability.”
Gretchen Hernandez, International Projects Coordinator, Center for Sustainable Community Development, SFU