McGill University is one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious educational institutions. In winter 2012, the McGill community set out, through Vision 2020: Creating a Sustainable McGill, to develop a long-term sustainability strategy that is both for and from the entire McGill community. After some initial progress, the Vision2020 team felt that they could benefit from practical hands-on experience of sustainability experts. On behalf of The Natural Step, Pong Leung co-led an initiative to provide coaching to the team leading the design and development of Vision 2020. This included review of of core documents and support in the design of stakeholder engagement initiatives.

Travesia is honoured to be part of McGill’s continued sustainability journey

” It has been a pleasure to work with Pong and we regularly gush about how much we appreciate his team’s feedback and contributions to the Vision 2020 process.”
Amara Possian, Project Manager, Vision 2020, Office of Sustainability, McGill University