The Newtonian Shift: Energy Futures Lab is a participative energy simulation game that allows players to experience decades of energy transition in 4 hours!  The game allows dozens of people to take take different roles in the energy system, e.g. utility, municipality, business, oil and gas, First Nations community, transportation provider, etc., and engage each other in helping the fictional country of Newtonia thrive in the complex and dynamic energy environment, while at the same time meeting the needs of their immediate stakeholders.

The game is offered as a one-day workshop and is bookended by an introduction to clarify learning needs and then post-game debrief to explore lessons around personal leadership, the energy system, change management, amongst other topics.

Travesia Partners is a certified to facilitate The Newtonian Shift and has had the pleasure of leading facilitation of multiple game runs at GLOBE 2016 and the Energy Futures Lab.

“Playing the Newtonian Shift opened my eyes to the dynamics of complex system transformation and managing relationships between diverse stakeholders in a constantly changing environment. Through the chaos of managing day to day transactions, the need to listen and collaborate emerged.”
Laurie Reemeyer, Principal Consultant, Resourceful Paths