Non-profit organizations have strong social and environmental mandates and create positive impact for their communities.  However, at the same time they are scrutinized for their own ability to be role models whose strategy, programs and operations strongly reflect their sustainability commitment, i.e. walking the talk.

Through funding and leadership from the Edmonton Community Foundation, Travesia co-led a workshop series for non-profits to:

  • Build capacity of staff to develop and deliver a sustainability action plan, based on the award-winning Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development pioneers by The Natural Step.
  • Develop an action plan for participating non-profit organizations to improve their sustainability performance.

The project consists of two intensive workshops in March and June 2016 bookending coaching and application in a real world setting.

Travesia was honoured to play such a important part of this initiative and inspired by the commitment and actions of workshop participants.

“Thank you for the great work!”
Workshop Participant
“Great workshop!  Thank you.”
Workshop Participant
“This was great!”
Workshop Participant