Edmonton Airports is a body that governs a group of airports in the Edmonton area, including its international airport. As part of the update of its ISO14001-based environmental management plan, EIA reached out to Travesia to further engage key stakeholders to understand how their current business efforts could impact/influence their environmental efforts going forward, and to use this input to inform and validate their plan.

Travesia develops program to engage both internal and external stakeholders, solicit their advice and ideas, and summarize this into key insights and recommendations.

” I’ve really enjoyed working with Travesia over the last six years. Their expert knowledge, well honed skills, affability, and passion for sustainable change has informed and supported our efforts within Edmonton Airports, and educated and inspired me personally. And every time I speak with them, I’m impressed with their ability to “get it” – understand how change can be made successfully in the given environment, even with sometime significant barriers, which demonstrates his flexibility and adaptability to find solutions that fit. Thanks!.”
Rob Hough, Manager, Engineering, Planning and Operational Compliance, Edmonton Airports