Our Work

U-Storage – GRI Reporting

U-Storage is a storage unit company based in Mexico with 29 branches and over 16,000 total storage lockers. Travesia currently works alongside PIIMA on U-Storage’s GRI report, offering advice on compliance for the GRI requirements. […]

Global Athletic Apperal Company

Travesia collaborated with a global athletic apparel company headquartered in British Columbia on metrics development, data collection, and management systems for their social and environmental targets and goals, as well as relevant SASB and GRI […]

Teranga Gold – Materiality Analysis

Teranga Gold (now owned by Endeavor Mining), is a gold mining company based in West Africa with two active mines. In 2020, Travesia conducted their first materiality analysis through virtual workshops with management from both […]

LEAD Canada – GRI Training

LEAD Canada is a non-profit that aims to inspire leadership for a sustainable world. They are one of the few GRI Certified Training Partners in Canada and Travesia Partners is the facilitator of this training. […]

Energy Futures Lab – Online Strategic Retreat

The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is a social innovation lab that mobilizes innovators and influencers from across Alberta to explore and take action on the question of Alberta’s energy future.  A dynamic core team of […]

The Co-operators – Sustainability Leadership Bootcamp

The Co-operators is an insurance and financial services cooperative with over 5000 employees and 2700 licenced insurance representatives across Canada.  They are widely recognized as a leading corporate citizen with a vision to be a […]

Energy Futures Lab – NW Alberta EV Charging Network Virtual Workshops


The Energy Futures Lab consists of a diverse group of innovators and influencers who are working together to create a new energy future in Alberta. One of the initiatives these innovators work on is […]

Nelson, B.C. – NEST Virtual Lab

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The city of Nelson is located in the southeastern part of British Columbia nestled in the Selkirk Mountains. It is known for its beautiful natural landscape and has an active community of just over […]

ReThink Red Deer – Climate Leadership Lab


On behalf of ReThink Red Deer and its partners, The Natural Step (TNS) Canada is convening and delivering the Climate Leadership Lab (CLL). The CLL is a collaborative innovation platform designed to help partners […]

Energy Future Lab – Energy.AI Workshop


Given Alberta’s world-class know-how in energy and the emerging field of artificial intelligence, the Energy Futures Lab, hosted a workshop in fall of 2018 to explore the following question of how can artificial intelligence enable […]

Camosun College – Sustainability Plan Refresh


Over the winter and spring of 2018, Travesia Partners worked with Camosun College in Victoria, Canada to refresh its sustainability plan.  Travesia engaged with students and staff in a process that consisted of surveys, interviews, […]

Great Panther Silver – Materiality & GRI Assessment


Great Panther Mining Limited is a gold and silver producer based in Vancouver, Canada with two active mines in Mexico, one in Brazil, and a development project in Peru. Travesia has been working with Great […]

Edmonton Airports – Sustainability Report Support


Edmonton Airports is dedicated to sustainability as part of is mandate to community prosperity and its commitment to efficient operations. Travesia Partners have had a relationship with Edmonton Airports for almost a decade and have been […]

Energy Futures Lab – Innovation Workshop

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The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an Alberta-based, multi-interest collaboration designed to accelerate the development of a “fit for the future” energy system. The EFL brings together a cohort of influential leaders to address current […]

Edmonton Community Foundation – NGO Sustainability Champions

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Non-profit organizations have strong social and environmental mandates and create positive impact for their communities.  However, at the same time they are scrutinized for their own ability to be role models whose strategy, programs and […]

PCL Construction – Re-energizing Sustainability


PCL Construction has a long history of working with sustainability.   However, they were looking at ways to re-energize and re-fresh their work in this area given the progress they had made and the changing […]

Energy Futures Lab – The Newtonian Shift


The Newtonian Shift: Energy Futures Lab is a participative energy simulation game that allows players to experience decades of energy transition in 4 hours!  The game allows dozens of people to take take different roles […]

Energy Futures Lab – Backcasting Workshop

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The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an Alberta-based, multi-interest collaboration designed to accelerate the development of a “fit for the future” energy system. The EFL brings together a cohort of influential leaders to address current […]

Edmonton Airports – IS014001 Stakeholder Engagement

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Edmonton Airports is a body that governs a group of airports in the Edmonton area, including its international airport. As part of the update of its ISO14001-based environmental management plan, EIA reached out to Travesia […]

Edmonton Airports – Sustainability Report


Edmonton Airports is a body that governs a group of airports in the Edmonton area, including its international airport.  Edmonton Airports reached out to Travesia to provide coaching and advice on the development of its […]

Lush Cosmetics – Sustainability Workshop


Lush is a well respected manufacturer and retailer of handmade cosmetics with a strong commitment to society and the environment in its business practices. Lush reached out to Travesia Partners to facilitate a sustainability workshop […]

The Natural Step – Sustainability 101 Training


The Natural Step Canada is a dynamic non-profit organization with over a decade of experience helping organizations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability. Its vision is a sustainable society – one […]

Energy Futures Lab – Foundations Workshop


Alberta’s energy system is at the centre of the most complex, fragmented and divisive debates. From disputes about market access for Alberta’s oil, to disagreements about the most strategic approaches to address climate change to […]

Natural Capital Lab – Foundations Workshop


Canada is home to an abundance of natural capital, enjoying natural resources far in excess of other countries on a per capita basis. While Canada represents less than 1% of the world’s population, it is […]

City of Williams Lake – Sustainability Training


In the fall of 2009, Williams Lake, B.C. launched Imagine Our Future, an initiative to develop a long-term vision of a sustainable Williams Lake. Over the years Travesia has continued to provided training and support […]

Co-creating Sustainable Development in Cuernavaca.

This workshop was an initiative of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Cuernavaca and they invited Travesia to facilitate a half day workshop to engage community and students in co-creating sustainable development […]

AquaTerra Sustainability Strategy Coaching

AquaTerra provides refreshments such as drinking water, coffee, tea, other beverages and break room supplies to homes and offices to offices across Canada. In early 2013, AquaTerra approached Travesia to provide advice on its […]

City of Edmonton “The Way We Green” Strategic Plan


In 2010, the City of Edmonton’s Ecological Footprint was 3.2 times greater than the world average. The leaders of the City saw this as a major issue and knew it needed to be addressed in […]

VSOCC Sustainability Strategy


The Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres (VSOCC) is a registered non-profit agency providing quality licensed childcare services to over 1500 children and their families each year. Travesia is working with the Sustainability Committee to develop […]

West Coast Sightseeing Strategic Plan

In 2010 we worked with West Coast Sightseeing, a Vancouver Tour Company, to develop their strategic plan using a sustainability framework. We did a couple of workshops to come up with their vision statement, strategies […]

Metropolitan Governance in Mexico

The project “Metropolitan Governance in Mexico: Learning from Canadian and Brazilian experiences” is carried out in collaboration with Sustainable Cities International, Simon Fraser University, the Centro Mario Molina in Mexico, and the Universidade Federal do […]

UNEP Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities

The Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities (GI-REC) is a UNEP-led initiative launched in 2012 at the Rio+20 Summit. GI REC seeks to connect the many different entities around the world working on resource efficiency, […]

Los Cabos Infrastructure Cost Study


In 2012 Sustainable Cities International supported the city of Los Cabos in undertaking an infrastructure cost study. This study is a very valuable tool for decision-making as it allows municipalities to understand the cost of […]

B.C Housing Sustainability Strategy Workshops

Ensuring that people have access to housing that is affordable, healthy and sustainable is an important challenge in B.C. On behalf of The Natural Step, Pong led an education and planning engagement with B.C. Housing’s […]

The David Suzuki Foundation Sustainability Strategy

The David Suzuki Foundation is committed to sustainability, and has implemented several ambitious internal initiatives over the years. Building on this work, the Foundation wanted to evolve and demonstrate the best of its internal activities […]

Future Fit Business Benchmark – Foundations Workshop


For business, the financial bottom line is clear: no company survives for long unless it can at least break even. But what is the equivalent break-even point for social and environmental performance? How much is […]

Sheridan College Sustainability Analysis

Canadian colleges and universities will play a unique and critical role in the migration to Canada’s next economy as they develop a new generation of students who will lead, manage and influence Canadian society in […]

ISL Engineering Sustainability Plan

ISL Engineering and Land Services is a medium-size engineering services company in Edmonton, AB.  On behalf of The Natural Step Canada, Pong co-led an engagement to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to sustainability that […]

Williams Lake Community Sustainability Plan

In the fall of 2009, Williams Lake, B.C. launched Imagine Our Future, an initiative to develop a long-term vision of a sustainable Williams Lake.  On behalf of The Natural Step Canada,  Pong co-led a community planning […]

Edmonton Airports Sustainability Roadmap

Edmonton Airports oversees and manages airports in the Edmonton region.  They understood the increasing importance of sustainability to stakeholders and wanted to take a proactive approach.  On behalf of The Natural Step Canada, Pong led […]

Pan American Silver Sustainability Report


Pan American’s vision is to be the world’s pre-eminent silver producer, with a reputation for excellence in discovery, engineering, innovation and sustainable development.  The Company has seven operating mines in Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.  […]

Endeavour Silver Sustainability Strategy and Report

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Endeavor Silver is a mid-tier precious metals bcompany based in Vancouver, Canada, with three underground silver-gold mines. Travesia has been working with Endeavor Silver since 2013 and has has launched eight sustainability reports, which assists […]

Aura Minerals Sustainability Report

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Aura Minerals is a Canadian mid-tier gold and copper production company with operations in Mexico, Honduras and Brazil. Since 2011 we work with Aura to develop their yearly sustainability report based on the GRI Framework […]

Morguard Investments Sustainability Strategy

Morguard Investments, one of Canada’s largest integrated real estate companies, recognized the value of integrating sustainability into their operations.  On behalf of The Natural Step Canada, Pong was invited to co-led an interactive 2.5 day-workshop […]

Landmark Group of Builders Sustainability Strategy

Based in Edmonton, The Landmark Group of Builders is one of Northern Alberta’s largest homebuilders.  They saw a strategic business advantage existed establishing themselves as the sustainability leaders in their sector.  On behalf of The […]

Compass Canada Sustainability Coaching


Compass Group Canada is one of Canada’s largest food service companies and has a strong sustainability ethic in its organization. In 2012, they developed a new sustainability plan applying the concepts of The Natural Step.  […]

Novex Delivery Solutions Strategic Planning

Novex Delivery Solutions is one of the largest local same-day couriers in the Lower Mainland. We have supported the development of their strategic plan in 2011 and in 2013. Through a workshop we facilitated the […]

McGill Sustainability Coaching


McGill University is one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious educational institutions. In winter 2012, the McGill community set out, through Vision 2020: Creating a Sustainable McGill, to develop a long-term sustainability strategy that […]