Great Panther Mining Limited is a gold and silver producer based in Vancouver, Canada with two active mines in Mexico, one in Brazil, and a development project in Peru. Travesia has been working with Great Panther Mining Limited for four years, doing an internal report for the first two years and launching their first public sustainability report being created in 2019. Travesia has worked with them again for their 2020 Sustainability report which can be downloaded here. Their report includes; information pertaining to the environment, social, and economic impacts of on all four sites. The data was compiled to produce an unbiased and transparent sustainability report, highlighting the opportunities and challenges.

“Travesia conducted a highly participative session with members of our management team from Canada and Mexico to introduce us to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Edna and her team provided us with a clear understanding of this framework and we are confident that this will help us achieve our short and long-term objectives regarding sustainability reporting.”
Mariana Fregonese, Director, Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Great Panther