The Energy Futures Lab consists of a diverse group of innovators and influencers who are working together to create a new energy future in Alberta. One of the initiatives these innovators work on is to develop an electric vehicle (EV) charging network in northwestern (NW) Alberta between Edmonton and the B.C. border, which is currently underserved. By closing this gap in Canada’s charging network, communities expect to enable tourism and economic development opportunities.

Originally planned as a series of in-person workshops with communities in NW Alberta, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the project team to pivot into online collaboration, recognizing the challenges that this brought.

Through innovative and creative online collaboration techniques, Travesia Partners co-led, along with the Arete Initiative and the Community Energy Association, a series of online engagements with communities and partners to facilitate a new collaboration.

Results include capacity building and, most importantly, a formal collaboration agreement with seed funding to plan and further develop the network together even in the tense first few months of the COVID pandemic.

“We have always enjoyed working with Pong as part of the Energy Futures Lab. This unique opportunity to successfully and seamlessly shift our electric mobility workshops online confirmed his ability to think outside of the box when faced with complex challenges – in this case the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The approach that Travesia Partners and the Arete Initiative took to support the quick transition to online engagement instilled confidence in the communities. Pong’s support and detailed focus on the project has helped us set the regional collaboration up for success. It shouldn’t be long until residents and tourists are travelling through the area thanks to the Electric Vehicle charging network.”
Megan Lohman, Head of Community Energy, Community Energy Association, Community Energy Association