The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an Alberta-based, multi-interest collaboration designed to accelerate the development of a “fit for the future” energy system. The EFL brings together a cohort of influential leaders to address current and emerging energy challenges, and generate opportunities to identify, test and scale new initiatives and collaborations.

The Innovation Workshop is a third in a series of four planned workshops, which Travesia has played a leading role in design and facilitation.  This workshop was a major milestone where the EFL Fellowship agreed to a vision for “the energy system that the future requires of us” and set of innovation pathways where Alberta can take action to get there.  Much of this workshop was spent having honest conversations about our future,  exploring how the Fellowship can collaborate around these pathways and discussing how to leverage their collective voice in the public dialogue around energy in Alberta.

Travesia is honoured to be a part of the team working on the EFL and its amazing group of change-makers.  For more information on the EFL, click on the links to the right.

“Congratulations on the very successful workshop last week. You and the EFL team did an amazing job — totally phenomenal!  The EFL Fellows have made great progress and I feel so privileged to be a part of this amazing group of people.”
Josephine Yam, Executive Director, Environmental Law Centre