Endeavour is a Canadian mid-tier silver mining company focused on growing its production, reserves and resources in Mexico. We work with Endeavour Silver in producing their yearly Sustainability Report based on the GRI Framework (G4). For their first report in 2013, we carried out a materiality analysis involving more than 25 stakeholder groups and created a baseline of their greenhouse gas emissions. After their first report, we have collaborated with them in developing their strategic plan under a sustainability framework. The plan was a collaborative effort between the head office and the teams at each site, resulting in a 3 year plan with clear goals established for 2015. Our work has continued implementing some of the strategies such as the Grievance Mechanism, priority setting for Community Relations and exploring renewable energies.

“We were an early adopter of the GRI 4.0 framework, and could not have delivered the kind of quality report we did without their team. They are professional and knowledgeable and have become our trusted partner in all aspects of sustainability reporting, from materiality assessment to data collection and everything in between. I would highly recommend Travesia to any public company looking to enhance their ESG profile.”
Meghan Brown, Investor Relations, Endeavour Silver