Our Services

Our services fall under three categories:

1. Create Your Plan

2. Collaborate for Results

3. Communicate Success

Every client we work with is unique, so the way these activities are carried out can vary significantly. However, all of our services stem from an approach that begins with credible and robust frameworks and effective engagement of your stakeholders.

Partnership Development



We develop a complete understanding of our clients, where they want to be and where they want to go.


We get in touch with key stakeholders to understand their perspectives and expectations, as well as a baseline of current organizational performance.


We work with our clients to craft a meaningful sustainability vision, a baseline and a strategy to achieve it.

Road Map

We create a tactical plan to implement the strategy and achieve business goals.


Project Management

We provide management support to our clients to realize their strategy as they develop their own internal competence.

Staff Engagement

We work with our clients to identify knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve the strategy and engage them to develop these.

Partnership Development

We facilitate the development of relationships with other organizations that are critical to realizing the sustainability strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement

We connect with your key stakeholders to understand what issues matter to them and work with them to find solutions.


GRI report

We work with our clients to create an internal or external sustainability report based on the latest G4 guidelines

Materiality Assessment

We work with our clients and their stakeholders to identify the material issues that are key to them.

Data collection

Based on material issues, we identify important data to be collected and reported on. We develop templates and facilitate the process of populating these.

GHG Reporting

We calculate the carbon footprint and carbon intensity of the products or services of our clients

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