Sustainability at Travesia

At Travesia Partners we “walk the talk” by practicing our values in our management decisions. Here are a few examples of how we contribute to sustainability:

  • We offset the greenhouse gas emissions of all our air travel every year with Ostrom Climate, a leading Canadian provider of carbon management solutions that helps organizations reduce and offset their climate impact. Click here to view our latest certificate.
  • We are bullfrogpowered® with 100% green electricity.
  • We work with The Sustainable Economist to invest our financial capital in a sustainable manner.
  • We exclusively use public transportation, biking or car shared programs for our transport.
  • We commit about 10% of our time to pro bono work with like-minded institutions where our skills and expertise can greatly enhance their work.
  • We donate to numerous charitable non-profits on a range of social and environmental-related causes, including Camp Fircom, Greenpeace, BC Cycling Coalition and Dogwood.
  • We use a web hosting company that is 100% paperless, recycles 100% of its waste and sources 86% of its power from renewable sources.